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Wood Products

At Beaver Tree Works, we offer a variety of wood products from designer mulch to seasoned native hardwood. Mulch is widely used to showcase your plants, but its decomposition process also provides a variety of benefits for your landscape. Our hardwood is split and seasoned, which is beneficial for burning year round. Contact us today for customized recommendations and pricing information.

Mulch - Sunset Red

The color contrast between red mulch, flowers, shrubs and grass is appealing. Also, the additional nutrients derived through the mulch’s decomposition benefits nearby plants. Many landscape designs for residential and commercial properties include red mulch for this reason. 

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Mulch - Forest Black

Cutting edge Black Mulch is a beautiful mulch, rich in color, adding visual interest to landscapes and showcasing plants in garden beds. Our Black Mulch can reduce weed growth and retain moisture, improving the fertility and health of the soil, and adding nutrients over time. 

Bulk Pricing & Delivery Available

Mulch - Dark Brown

Our top-selling Designer Dark Brown Mulch is a customer favorite! Its rich chocolate hue stays vibrant for months, and you can rest easy knowing that we prioritize eco-friendly colorants. Safe for people, pets, and plants alike, our mulch ensures your garden beds remain stunning for an extended period, promoting the thriving growth of your plants! 

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Mulch - Natural Brown

Brown mulch is a nice touch to any lawn and garden, and its natural color makes both light and darker-colored plants appear vibrant when paired together.

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Seasoned Native Hardwood

Our seasoned firewood consists of all native hardwoods and is cut to 16″ – 18″ lengths, split and seasoned for six to twelve months.

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